Organic Fresh roasted coffee is now available @ Central Festival

Superior Flavor

Taste the difference with our fresh roasted 100% organic coffee sourced in the highlands of Thailand.  Our commitment to training and quality ingredients means our skilled baristas serve up the best coffees on the island. Come in and try our unique coffee today!



You value your body and health, so why not give it the best fuel possible?  We strive to provide the maximum amount of organic ingredients possible based on seasonality and freshness.  From our coffee and teas to our juices and smoothies, our delicious products not only taste great, they are great for you.



We source the best ingredients available at all times, and we are committed to providing our customers the freshest and healthiest drinks possible.  To us quality means great service, outstanding products, and a central location in the heart of Phuket.


Organic coffee beans now on sale!

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